Media Journal

Here I start my quest in my media world. Hello world!
The main aim of this blog will be posting and stating my research, ideas and thoughts related to the Media MA (UWE, Bristol, UK) subjects.
After weeks of trying to get the perfect blog, I was getting crazy, and with no Blog. So I ll assume that is no perfect thing, and that the perfection or the improvements will happen post after post, during this Media Quest.

Meanwhile, a few ideas of short projects have been coming up, so I will use this blog to talk about them, and reveal some details and outputs. At this point I’ll post here about these different projects, which will have a place in ‘Projects’ page on this blog as well.
This last Friday, I just started the first one… “What is Coolhunting?” Don’t you know? Well I’m producing a short web video that aims exactly to explain that in a simple and fresh way.. A “Coolhunting” video shot in Bristol. More coming soon…

“Hunting for the cool things in life”


2 thoughts on “Media Journal

    • me too.. I think it will be interesting. Just possible with your great help, thank you again! Tomorrow I’m going to check all that, but must be all fine… I’ll let you know then.

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