Trust your crazy ideas

Anita Roddick is one of the business women that I most admire for her vision, principles and determination. She had an idea and a cause which ended up in Body Shop. Sometimes our “crazy ideas” can give millions and above all self realization. Notice the small detail on her door “trust your crazy ideas”… Particularly … Continue reading

Social media revolution

This is not a new term – Social Media Revolution – but anyway is always good to review at glace the numbers and the facts that prove what is going on in this Social world online. “We no longer surch for the news, the news find us…” is it really like that? A video by … Continue reading

Calling for

How can people and computers be connected so that— collectively— they act more intelligently than any individuals, groups, or computers have ever done before? (Thomas W. Malone, Director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence1) Looking around, on internet, on TV, on what is happening around the world… people are definitely getting new forms of, together, take … Continue reading

Global social media doc.

I’ve been fascinated about the growing trend of online documentary collaboration. The new technologies, the interactive internet seem to bring a new channel of communication. If documentary could change the world by its message, it probably can make the world work together on this change… Here one of the social documentary projects that I found … Continue reading

Media Journal

Here I start my quest in my media world. Hello world! The main aim of this blog will be posting and stating my research, ideas and thoughts related to the Media MA (UWE, Bristol, UK) subjects. After weeks of trying to get the perfect blog, I was getting crazy, and with no Blog. So I … Continue reading